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published at 29.03.2018 11:51
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Something new: you can now support Meeting C++ through Patreon!

This will go mostly into videos & video interviews and the Meeting C++ blog. I started doing my own videos and video interviews on YouTube last year, and to compliment that, I decided to also start a community of supporters on patreon. You'll be able to know guests of Meeting C++ & friends ahead of time and be able to suggest potential questions to ask. As all videos from Meeting C++ 2017 are now published - except Seans Keynote, due to video problems in the first 30 minutes - I will start with my own video series again in April.

As this is also a way for those who can't support Meeting C++ by visiting the conference, which so far has been providing almost 100% the funding of my work for the C++ Community. And I'd like to change that, as with my reach in Social Media is now beyond 60k, the 600 people at the conference only represent less then 1% of my total reach. So I'd like to cut back on my own dependency on the conference, and add other possibilities to support Meeting C++. Some more details about that you can see under services.

Also a big thanks to my first supporters!

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