Releasing the keynotes of Meeting C++ 2023

published at 28.12.2023 21:18 by Jens Weller
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I'd like to highlight the current video releases for Meeting C++ 2023: the keynotes and starting yesterday - the lightning talks.

The keynotes

With this year we've had a unique set of keynotes, covering 6 impossible problems for software devs with the opening keynote by Kevlin Henney, followed by great wisdom about how open communities thrive by Lydia Pintscher. The closing keynote by Ivan Čukić was an impressive medley composing various idioms with Prog(ressive) C++.

All these keynotes are worth watching, a great contribution to our knowledge base as a community. Thanks to Kevlin Henney, Lydia Pintscher and Ivan Čukić for preparing these great presentations!

The secret lightning talks

There were no lightning talks at Meeting C++ planned this year as part of the program. But the tradition of doing secret lightning talks was continued within the Meeting C++ update. The first lightning talk from was released today: My favourite memory leak - Björn Fahller.

I plan to release a lightning talk per day followed by the Meeting C++ update itself. The various Tracks of Meeting C++ 2023 will then be released in the new year.

Meeting C++ 2024

I'll hide this here a bit. So thanks for reading to the end :)

Next years conference is planned for the 14th - 16th, Thursday - Saturday again in Berlin and online. November will also feature an ISO C++ committee meeting in Poland, AFAIK there will be not a conflict in dates. But its dates aren't public yet.

All important things for Meeting C++ 2024 will be announced in April, as I'd like to keep the first quarter free of conference stuff.


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