One more week to submit your talk to Meeting C++ 2024!

published at 18.06.2024 17:10 by Jens Weller
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Next week on Tuesday the call for talks for this years Meeting C++ conference closes at midnight!

So you have one more week to submit your talk!

Like last year, this years conference will feature 3 tracks in Berlin and one prerecorded online track, each holding 11 talks. You can submit to only speak online, or choose to give your talk online if it does not qualify for a spot in Berlin. For online speaking see my last newsletter. With this years Speaking about C++ event there is now a play list for inspiration and help in submitting and giving talks available.

After next week there will be a one week period where you can make changes to your submission, I'm in the process of giving those feedback on their submission who requested this. A common pattern is to mention things in the outline that also be good to have in the talk description. So read your talk description after you've written your outline! Often this adds a new paragraph to the talk description, making it more informative. This can make a big difference for your talk, as there is a lot of competition this year with the committee traveling through town to attend the ISO C++ (WG21) meeting in Wroclaw/Poland a week later.

Once the week for making changes and reviewing has passed, the voting starts. Lots of folks will vote on some or all the submissions, so a single vote is not having a big impact. But the overall result has had the most interesting talks rise to the top. A thanks to all speakers that already submitted your talks, a very interesting conference is starting to take shape!

If your talk gets accepted, Meeting C++ can cover your stay in Berlin while travel is on you. Meeting C++ has a room contingent for speakers reserved, but does not cover already booked hotel rooms. Once your talk is accepted, you'll get a link to reserve a room in the block of Meeting C++ at the Andels hotel.

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