Native Instruments joins the partner sponsors!

published at 13.09.2018 12:02 by Jens Weller

Today I can announce that Native Instruments returns to the conference as a partner sponsor! They're the second sponsor to support Meeting C++ through more then sponsoring!


Partner sponsors help with efforts of the conference, that could not be covered or organized otherwise. Native Instruments values diversity, and hence decided to sponsor the programs which help to bring folks to the conference that could not come otherwise: the student and support ticket programs. Which is great, so far for the last years, Meeting C++ has fully financed these programs, its nice to have a sponsor commit to support for this! Also Native Instruments will support the CoC team in its work at the conference.

Native Instruments creates professional hardware and software for music production and DJing. They're located in Berlin and Native Instruments has open positions for C++ Developers, so you can share your passion for music and coding.


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