Meeting C++ live returns!

published at 23.01.2023 19:39 by Jens Weller
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Announcing the start of a new format with and old name: Meeting C++ live!

Last year I started experimenting with online formats, including hosting AMAs and streaming to LinkedIn. In total we had 6 AMAs, which 5 have been recorded and are now on Youtube. I've been enjoying experimenting, and wanted to bring this into a format which could be hosted in Meeting C++ online. The ability to ask questions in Hubilo and also reach a second audience on LinkedIn makes this interesting. Also its a bit more interactive then hosting a talk, which may become less common. When looking for a name, I've decided to go with "Meeting C++ live", as it fits well with the format.

This Thursday is the first Meeting C++ live episode in 2023 with Klaus Iglberger!

In 2017 I've been doing some interviews on video with some folks, but got distracted again. In total 5 episodes aired, with 4 interviews and a session at C++now. So now, almost 6 years later, this format returns. Reasons for this is, that it has become easier to host things online, but also that it is part of the concept that the audience is asking the questions.

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