Meeting C++ 2022 trust and safety transparency report

published at 07.12.2022 16:32 by Jens Weller
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After hosting the first hybrid conference with venues onsite and online, I decided to publish a first Trust & Safety Transparency Report.

As we are still in the pandemic, let me start with known Covid cases connected to the event: one. As of today I am aware about one attendee having Covid-19 after attending Meeting C++ 2022 onsite. I expect that naturally there might be a few more. But it shows that hour measures onsite against infections helped.

Guy Davidson send me the official short version of the report from the Trust and Safety team

Meeting C++ convened under the Berlin Code of Conduct on the evening of November 16th.

The trust and safety team was led by Guy Davidson and consisted of Alex Korach, Fabio Fracassi and Philipp Lenk.

There were no referrals made to the team either in person or by email. The team observed no behaviour to warrant making a referral.

The conference closed on the evening of November 19th.

Of course I am happy to hear officially that this years conference once again was a welcoming and good experience for everyone, though I do also want to encourage you to report anything that still might be on your mind by contacting someone from the trust and safety team and or using this form.

It is important to my team and myself, that everyone that comes to Meeting C++ has a good experience, it is in the interest of the community and conference to ensure that this stays this way. Those who represent the conference as staff, speaker and/or sponsor are expected to be part of this effort.

Regarding other community venues

Unrelated to this report, this year has seen a couple of discussions on how to deal with community related incidents and reports. Meeting C++ has not been directly affected by these incidents as far as I know. And as reports are handled confidential, it is not always the case that other conference organizers will automatically know about what happend where and when and by whom. Though those who organize community events are naturally well connected and have an interest in hosting welcoming events, so if you have questions feel free to reach out to the organizers of conferences, including myself for Meeting C++.


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