Meeting C++ 2021: looking for sponsors

published at 06.09.2021 15:47 by Jens Weller
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With the online platform being selected, its finally time to open the call for sponsors for Meeting C++ 2021!

Sponsoring is an easy way to support the work of Meeting C++, as my work is mostly funded through the ticketsales and sponsorships of the yearly Meeting C++ conference. So maybe your employer is interested in sponsoring Meeting C++ 2021?

This years conference has been planned as an online conference from the start, so I wanted to wait until the online platform is selected, to open sponsorships. This years conference will offer regular sponsor ship booths in the online venue, unlike last year, when this feature was not available in remo. This includes lead generation, so if an attendee wants to exchange their contacts with a sponsor, that should be just a few clicks.

The selected online platform is hubilo, which for sponsors offers online booths but also allows for adding lounge booths to the lounge where folks can come and hang out with you. The booths will work online and offline. The event will also offer a tool fair in the afternoon, where companies/sponsors can exibit their tooling for C++.

Listing options as a Meeting C++ 2021 sponsor

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