Looking for C++ Employers for March 16th

published at 16.02.2021 10:40 by Jens Weller
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Meeting C++ organizes the 2nd online C++ Job fair on March 16th!

The first online job fair in October 2020 was a big success, and now with the world coming back from the pandemic, I'd like to continue organizing these events online. This time the event will take place in wonder.me, a platform where users can freely roam around on a virtual map and engage in conversations by joining a circle. Join the Meeting C++ online User Group for further updates on the event.

The virtual job fair where you can attend and talk to different employers or job searchers is planned for March 16th. For Tuesday afternoon from 15-18:00 (CET) you'll be able to join the event and talk to employers and other job searchers. Each employer that registers will have its own named area. Employers need to sign up until March 10th.

Looking for employers

This event will be offering a unique access to the available and searching C++ developers of our community. If you have open positions, it will be a chance to meet with a set of international developers able to fill these. Reserve your area at the event, support Meeting C++ with going for the paid option and have your logo represented at the event and on the events website. Limited free spots are also available, this will give you a named area where attendees can find representatives of your company.

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