Keynotes at Meeting C++ 2018

published at 23.04.2018 13:46
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Just updated the website with the keynote speakers of Meeting C++ 2018, so a short word about the keynotes.

Two of them are well known for a long time in the C++ community as speakers and book authors, while Lisa can be seen as a newcomer. All three of them still have some time to think about what they'd like to talk about, I might give you more insights into the keynotes later this year.

Opening Keynote

Andrei Alexandrescu, he is known for his book on Modern C++ design from 2001, a book that had some influence on how many of us understood templates and helped coin the term Modern C++. And he did have his own C++ Conference with Herb Sutter and Scott Meyers. But also Andrei did go on an adventure into D, a now more and more mature language that took its inspiration from C++, but tried to fix a few of C and C++ short comings. Today Andrei is known for being a very good and entertaining speaker with a deep knowledge of the details in C++ and D.

Center Keynote

Lisa Lippincott is well known in some parts of the C++ community, she has spoken at C++now and CppCon for the last years. During C++now I had the chance to listen to her ideas, and had interesting conversations. Her Talks at C++now always were conversation starters, that carried on through the conference. Her ideas aren't the C++ mainstream, they are an interesting contribution to understanding the core language and interactions better. Lisa did give her first keynote at ACCU just last week, and will give a keynote on a different or related topic at Meeting C++ 2018.

Closing Keynote

Nicolai Josuttis is well known as a book author, just last year he coauthored the updated version on "C++ Templates: the complete guide" and currently is working on a C++17 book. A few years ago I saw his keynote at C++Now, which was about std::pair. I was impressed on how many details pair has, which I as a user don't have to think about so much (you really don't want to think to much about pair, don't you?). So Nicolai will have the final words about C++ at this years Meeting C++ conference. What will he chose to speak about?

Also, Nicolai is a well known trainer for C++. He will give a one day training at the 14th of November on "Modern C++ with templates". The details on this will follow soon!

Meeting Embedded Keynote

I quickly also want to mention, that there is a new, embedded focused conference one day before Meeting C++ now: Meeting Embedded. The first keynote speaker of Meeting Embedded will be Dan Saks!




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