Keynotes at Meeting C++ 2017

published at 17.10.2017 22:23
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Are you excited for Meeting C++ 2017?!? I quickly wanted to give an update on the 3 keynotes at the conference this year! Each day will feature one keynote, where the first two are in the morning, while the Closing Keynote is kind of the last thing to happen before the closing message. Also, all 3 keynote speakers have now (finally) their speaker profile.

Opening Keynote

Sean Parent will give this years opening keynote. His Keynote has the title Better Code: Human Interface, and can be described as the relationship between good code and a good human interface (graphical or otherwise). Human interface semantics are tightly coupled with code semantics and improving how we reason about code can have a direct on positive impact on the human interface behavior of a system.

Center Keynote

This is the new keynote slot, with Meeting C++ being 3 days instead of 2, this is finally possible. On Friday morning Kate Gregory will give her keynote "Its complicated", Kate is a long time member of the C++ community, with lots of experience in teaching, mentoring and coding C++. Very much looking forward to what she has to say! During CppCon she gave a great talk on the Core Guidelines.

Closing Keynote

The final C++ content of Meeting C++ 2017. "What has embedded ever done for us?" one could ask, and Wouter van Ooijen can surely answer this and many other questions about running C++ in the scales of the micro and nano processor worlds. He is a domain expert in both, embedded and embedded C++, so he chose to speak on "What can C++ offer embedded, what can embedded offer C++". He has both, the experience of teaching C++ since 2003, but also working for and with the embedded industry for many years.


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