Get your lightning talks ready!

published at 27.07.2022 21:31 by Jens Weller
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On August 31st Meeting C++ online is celebrating its 2 year anniversary with lightning talks!

Thats right! We'll be hosting for the first time ever lightning talks in the group! Submit your lightning talk until August 25th! Earlier is better though!

With Meeting C++ online now being two years old, I'd like to start hosting lightning talks every now and then. The speaking about C++ event in May hosted lightning talks about technical speaking, and that worked very well!

Topic wise C++ is a nice and easy to go to topic, but if you'd like to talk about carbon capture or decaying iron, thats fine too!

Your lightning talk should be between 5-10 Minutes. Shorter is better, as it lets us fit more talks into a slot. Depending on the number of submissions we will host one or two ~1 hour sessions of lightning talks. So join us for a great evening!

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