Embarcadero joins the gold sponsors

published at 25.06.2018 14:47 by Jens Weller

A well known company, that also has a long time history with C++, joins as a gold sponsor for Meeting C++ 2018:


Today Embarcadero is known for their IDE and Frameworks for Desktop & Mobile Application development.

Embarcadero on why they became a Gold Sponsor in their own words:

Embarcadero is excited to attend this years Meeting C++ conference in Berlin as a Gold Sponsor for the first time with a booth in the break area.

We have a a long history in C++ development going back to the Borland C++ products, but in recent years have been less well known - especially among C++ experts. That's something we're aiming to change: we want to show you what we have and what we do. We have a large community with millions of users worldwide, and we extend the C++ language.

The Embarcadero team will be present and happy to answer all your questions about our future development of C++Builder and our developer tools in general (for both native device and web).  C++Builder specifically supports compiling and UI design for Windows, iOS, Android, and macOS.

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