Can you sponsor Meeting C++ 2018?

published at 25.04.2018 11:19 by Jens Weller

TL;DR: is your employer a potential sponsor for Meeting C++ 2018?

Financial support through Sponsoring is an important part of running a large conference, as it helps to keep ticket prices lower as they other wise would have to be. And it enables Meeting C++ to offer the free ticket programs for students and generally accessibility for everyone who can't affort a ticket through their employer. But many potential sponsors aren't aware about the opportunity to be present at Meeting C++, so this is where you can help!

As Meeting C++ has a large reach into the C++ community, sponsoring Meeting C++ gives a certain visibility for the sponsor. This can be important for HR, or if you offer Tools or Services important to developers in the C++ community.

And also thanks to all companies who are already sponsors of Meeting C++ 2018 or have contributed as sponsors in the past to Meeting C++!

Meeting C++ and HR

Most Sponsors choose to also advertise their open positions, some are even for this sole purpose at the conference. So if you have open positions, there is something special this year: on Saturday Meeting C++ 2018 will feature an HR area where potential employers can be present on one of the limited tables. While the normal booth will get you a presence on all 3 conference days.

You can post your jobs to the Meeting C++ job board & have it distributed through the reach of Meeting C++ in the social networks, and be part of the employer listing in the Meeting C++ job section with out sponsoring the conference.

Sponsoring Meeting C++ 2018

A few details on the sponsoring it self...

The entry level for sponsoring is online sponsor (500 €), which is the online listing as sponsor for Meeting C++ 2018. The second highest sponsor level is Platin Sponsor with 8000 €, the highest is Partner Sponsor. A Partner sponsorship requires that the sponsor the sponsors involvement with the conference is not just financially. These sponsor levels are unlimited, so additional (limited) options like a booth can be added to your sponsorship.

Please contact Meeting C++ for further details on sponsoring!


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