Call for talks for Meeting C++ 2022

published at 09.05.2022 13:36 by Jens Weller
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In begin of April Meeting C++ 2022 was announced, and since then also the call for talks is technically running and a first set of interesting talks has been submitted.

As Meeting C++ 2022 is a hybrid conference, taking place online and in Berlin. Likely the bigger audience will be online, and speakers are expected to be ready to give their talk online. You can submit and edit your talk until June 12th.

Meeting C++ is looking for all kinds of talks about C++, it is better to submit more talks or talk ideas then to only submit a single talk for you. This years conference will be hybrid, and its a great opportunity to give a talk and start speaking! Maybe you'd like to learn something new about C++ and like to present what you've learned about a feature of the standard, library or methology? If your talk is accepted, you'd be able to give your talk from home or work, or somewhere that fits you best. If you have experience with video editing, you also could prerecord your talk.

Speaking about C++

To promote this years call for talks, Meeting C++ online organizes an event about technical speaking for C++. On May 24th 8 great speakers will share some of the aspects on preparing and giving talks with you. The format of the event is to host lightning talks about speaking and a panel afterwards. The lightning talks will be later available on youtube.

Right now the plan is to host 4 Tracks during the conference: two tracks onsite, and two online. One main onsite track will also be streamed into the online part of the event. I plan to host prerecorded talks in one of the online tracks. Last year has shown that this is of great help for the team hosting the conference. Also it makes it easier to react to technical diffculties of speaker setups.

Valueing new speakers and diversity

Your talk is welcome and the C++ community values your contribution!

I do want to motivate you to submit if you are not in the common group of folks who usually speak at our conferences in C++. Your contribution is valuable to the C++ community, and it is always good to hear new voices and views on our language. And online speaking offers a unique opportunity that you can contribute to this years conference. As a first step you can join the #include discord if you have any questions about speaking or are looking for feedback on your talk ideas. Also joining Meeting C++ online gives you a first impression how online C++ events feel for you. Meeting C++ online and Meeting C++ 2022 run under the Berlin Code of Conduct.

Meeting C++ has supported diversity efforts for C++ for a long time. Meeting C++ usually supports new speakers with a track of its own in Berlin for a few years now. I'm not sure if we have a full track of space in this year, but with enough submissions this might be the case again. Speakers that don't want or can not travel to the conference can choose to only speak online.

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