Bringing back the Meeting C++ Employer listing

published at 17.08.2021 11:28 by Jens Weller

Meeting C++ brings back the listing of C++ employers to its website as part of Meeting C++ recruiting. The companies will be visible in the listing it self, but also have their logos displayed in the job section next to every job advert posted to Meeting C++! Additionally, the companies are also listed in the CV/resume sharing form of Meeting C++.

This is an important step to complete the offering for C++ hiring at Meeting C++ recruiting. Last year saw the start of the online C++ Job fairs in October, which have become a great success in 2021. The listing allows now companies to be visible to the C++ community at Meeting C++ all year around. The job fairs will give you a good selection of candidates sharing their CV/resumes with your company.

As this is a new offer, which goes live in August 2021, it will take some time for employers to become listed. C++ employers should apply for the listing through this form.


Looking for Employers

A quick overview what you can expect as an employer from this. The listing includes your own employer profile, where you can add a title and text about you as a C++ Employer. This profile will be linked with your logo in the job section next to every job entry at Meeting C++.

The listing is valid for one year, and includes the CV/resume sharing form, which allows you as an employer to filter for candidates based on region, C++ options, field of work and years of experience. Further candidate validation will still be needed on your side.

About the CV/resume submission form

Candidates that have applied to you will be visible unter the recruiting page.

The next online C++ job fair will be at the 21st/22nd September.

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