Announcing the last and final AMA at Meeting C++ 2020

published at 09.11.2020 14:32 by Jens Weller

Todays Meeting C++ 2020 annoucement is about the AMAs during the conference. The last and final AMA will be with Nicolai Josuttis!

nicolai josuttis

Nicolai will answer your questions to him on Saturday, while his talk is on Thursday. He is active in the C++ Committee, keeps exploring the in and outs of C++ for his trainings and books. He currently started writing a book on C++20, has written a book on std::move and co-authored the newest edition of "the template book".

During this years CppCon I saw how well AMAs work in an online setting, and that it is a chance to connect the community with the knowledge of some of our best speakers and experts in the field. Rather then adding a few more talks, you get to listen and participate in an active debate about C++. So I invited for Meeting C++ 2020 these experts and well known community members to particpate in such a session:

Each AMA will last 40 Minutes and be hosted in remo. These are exclusive for the conference audience, e.g. not recorded.

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