Announcing the first sponsor for Meeting C++ 2023: Undo!

published at 16.05.2023 10:12 by Jens Weller
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I'm happy to announce the first gold sponsor for this years conference: Undo.


Undo is a well known company in the field of tooling for C++. Undo provides tooling that helps you debug your systems, in a form of time travel debugging. This allows you to see a bug live in your code. You can not only go forward in their debugger, you are able to go backwards or replay a part (or all) of your debug session. Greg Law from Undo has also given a talk on using GDB effectivly at the conference last year:

And at the recent Meeting C++ online book & tool fair he gave a demo on live recorder:

Like last year Undo will be present with a booth on site in Berlin!

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