Announcing Meeting C++ 2020!

published at 20.04.2020 09:55 by Jens Weller
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Meeting C++ returns with its 2020 conference edition! Like in the previous years, we'll be meeting in Berlin from the 12. - 14th November!

With the current situation of COVID-19, planning events for this year is difficult, though I have decided to go ahead and start the preparations for Meeting C++ 2020! I will keep you posted through out 2020 on the changes for this years conference!

Call for Talks is open, just as in the last years, Meeting C++ 2020 has a track for new speakers!

The Facts


TBA - 3 keynotes are planned, and more details on this soon!


Tickets are available via the ticket shop.
The 4 ticket categories are:

Prices include VAT.

The early bird and early summer tickets will be again available until sold out(like in the last years). The normal ticket is available until the end of September. After this only the late tickets are available, if the event is not already sold out again. Payment per invoice for tickets will be possible from begin of May.

Also, as this was last year an issue for a few attendees: please make sure to have your tickets when you book your flights and hotel! Yes this happened to a few people, so check with your company if everything is correctly booked!

There will be also again a student program and accessibility tickets.

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