An update to the C++ User Group Section

published at 12.06.2024 15:14 by Jens Weller
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For a while an update to the C++ User Group section was overdue.

I've added the new C++ User Groups of Córdoba, Frankfurt and Vienna to the list. Unlike in the past, this list is now not anymore autogenerated. As Meetup does not share the ical files for user groups with the internet anymore, updating and generating lists of upcoming C++ User Group events isn't possible any more - so for upcoming C++ User Group meetings see the listing from the C++ User Group Sweden.

This update now reflects on the current state of C++ User Groups, those that have not met in this year or 2023 now have the year of the last meeting added in braces. A few user groups don't exist anymore, and were removed.

As restarting C++ User Groups is in lots of places a current topic on the mind of folks, I'm pondering about this too. I hope to find the time to write down my thoughts about this during summer.

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