An update on Meeting C++ Trainings

published at 09.03.2021 10:08 by Jens Weller

Last year Meeting C++ launched a section for online C++ trainings organized by Meeting C++.

Upcoming trainings

Meeting C++ organizes in June a training with Klaus Iglberger on Modern C++ Design Patterns, its a 3 day training and there is a limited amount of early bird tickets available until end of April (or sold out earlier). From May on it will be full price.

If your team has a need for a certain C++ training, Meeting C++ now offers to organize this for you and your team. This training then may also become available for others to join at Meeting C++. Simply use the Trainings contact form and we'll start a conversation about what training could fit the needs of your team.

External listings now possible

Trainers are now able to list their own trainings against a small fee. I learned in 2020 that Meeting C++ is a great asset in order to get folks to know about trainings, but its not always enough to actually make a training happen. So Trainers are now able to list the trainings they organize against a small fee (199 €) on Meeting C++. Meeting C++ will list these trainings in the trainings section and advertise them on social media. A single sale of a training will make this already worthwhile for the trainer, and its a small contribution to keep Meeting C++ running.

Lessons learned

While its been very successful with having lots of trainers willing to do trainings, online trainings are not as successful in 2020 as we wished for them to be. This has various reasons, from the pandemic making companies not willing to invest in training to folks often being only able to buy these tickets last minute. And trainers getting very nervous a week in advance. Some trainings got canceled because of these issues.

What I learned is that Meeting C++ offers a valuable service with organizing and advertising these trainings.


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