All time sponsor KDAB returns as Gold Sponsor

published at 12.10.2021 14:19 by Jens Weller
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KDAB continues its support of Meeting C++ in its 9th year with a gold sponsorship!


This makes KDAB the only company to have sponsored every Meeting C++ conference since the start in 2012! Thanks KDAB!

KDAB has done lots of contributions to Qt, the newest on their blog is related to functionality in QSortFilterProxyModel. They also offer various Qt and C++ tutorials on their YouTube Channel. They also have a newsletter about Qt, C++ and KDAB.

Two talks at Meeting C++ 2021 are also from KDAB: Reimplementing Signals, Slots, Properties and Bindings from Qt in pure C++17 by Leon Matthes and C++20 Coroutines As An API Principle by Marc Mutz.



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