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Senior Software Developer for AI company Grazper

published at 23.11.2022 17:00

Location: Copenhagen

Company: Grazper

Relocation Level: none

Senior Software Developer for AI company

Grazper Technologies ApS, a subsidiary of Yokogawa Electric Corporation, develops state-of-the-art deep neural network technology on both embedded devices (GPU/CPU) and computer clusters. We create camera-based 3D AI solutions for accurately tracking people’s behavior in large physical environments.

Our team consists of mathematicians, physicists, computer scientists and full-stack programmers. We work end-to-end from researching new algorithms to producing optimized solutions for customers. We are fascinated by the possibilities of artificial intelligence and we are looking for someone who is equally intrigued by the technology and motivated to push the envelope for what can be done.

We are looking for an experienced and independent full-time senior software developer to work on our in-house code. You will be working with a team of software, hardware and deep learning developers to create and maintain artificial neural network edge-based solutions.

You will be comfortable assuming a lead programming role in projects and working together with teams in Japan and worldwide. You have extensive experience in C++ and code optimization. Your job will be to develop and maintain code in a cross platform environment on Windows and Linux running on desktops and embedded devices. You can optimize applications for real time performance when needed. It would be a plus but not required that you have experience with the following: Python, Torch, CUDA Git/Gitea/Jenkins, deep learning, 3D graphics, computer vision and embedded development. If you don’t already know about these areas, you should have a high motivation to learn more.

At Grazper Technologies ApS we appreciate a relaxed environment, where it is important to adapt to different kinds of tasks and help out when it is needed. We offer lunch arrangements, soft drinks, fruit, tea and coffee. Even though the work can be hectic, we understand the importance of having time for both family and work.

Candidates will be reviewed and called during the application process.

For further questions you can contact us by email: or call 42424342. 

Grazper encourages every qualified applicant regardless of age, gender, religion or ethnic background to apply for the job. 

Grazper’s office is located centrally in Copenhagen near Kgs. Nytorv. Grazper is owned by Yokogawa, a Japanese company which is a part of the Nikkei stock index.

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