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Senior Engine Architect C++

published at 13.03.2023 13:32

Location: Remote / Europe

Company: IMG.LY

Relocation Level: none

Remote support for this position: yes

About the Job

IMG.LY is looking for a highly motivated and experienced C++ Engine Architect to join our development teams. As an architect in the engine team at IMG.LY, you will be responsible for designing and implementing core features in our engine, the base of our products. You’ll solve complex technical challenges and add exciting features to our in-house creative engine, a runtime for creative editing that needs to be implemented in C++.

Your Role

Your Profile

Your Team

We have multiple tech teams sized around 4-8 engineers each, led by one engineer manager. Altogether, we have about 30 engineers at IMG.LY. Our Team structure revolves around the different layers of our SDKs. The engine team is responsible for the core business logic written in C++. The platform teams (iOS, Android, Web, etc.) focus on platform-specific implementations, language bindings, and User Interfaces on top of the C++ Core. Our solutions team works with our technology to build showcases and work directly with our enterprise customers. Location-wise, all teammates are scattered all over Europe and work in a remote-first setting. Also, we have small offices in Bochum and Berlin where everyone can hang around. Every year we get the team together for a fantastic trip to hang out and get to know each other in person.

Your Stack

We are building SDKs for many platforms. Our business logic layer is implemented in C/C++ and shared between all our platforms. For each platform like Web, iOS, Android, and so forth, we widely use TypeScript and React, Swift and Swift-UI, Kotlin, and Jetpack Compose. Due to the nature of our product, we need to get our hands on almost every platform-specific language and UI system, for example, React-Native and Flutter.

Hiring Process

Please provide us with a CV and meaningful work examples. If possible, provide us with a short video or letter introducing yourself.

First, we like to get to know you and want you to know us. Social and cultural fit is as important as a technical skill for us. Thus, we prefer to jump on a video call for 30 minutes.

The hiring process will include an assessment task that should take 2-4 hours and can be done asynchronously. The task will be a realistic example of our day-to-day work.

We will conclude the process with a meeting with your future colleagues where you present the assessment task, and we have a discussion about your findings.

We Offer

Work Environment




Salary and compensation

The budget for this role ranges up to EUR 85k/year German contract depending on skill level and type of employment.

Why does our compensation vary based on the type of employment and location?

Each European country has its unique set of factors contributing to differences in compensation. At IMG.LY our compensation range for a particular position varies due to several factors, including differences in government regulations such as tax rates, employee-employer costs, local market rates, and cost of living standards. Ultimately, our goal is to offer a fair and competitive compensation package that reflects the candidate's skills and expertise, as well as the local market and cost of living standards.

For employment outside of Germany, we choose the Employee of Record (EOR) Model with the support of third-party providers such as The EOR model ensures compliance with local labor laws and regulations, including tax and employment laws. This helps reduce the risk of non-compliance penalties or legal issues for the employee and employer.

You can use Deel’s compensations tool to check if your desired annual salary is within the range we gave and also see what would be your estimated net income after any taxes or other deductions based on your location.

Employee-cost-calculator - Take-home pay calculator -


Remote within +/- 4 hours in reference to Berlin Time (CET).

Start date

01.04.2023 or earlier.

Company Profile

IMG.LY is a vibrant remote-first company with headquarters in Germany. We empower developers to build fantastic software across all industries by providing them with beautiful photo–, video– and creative–editing SDKs. Customers like Amazon, Brother, HP, and Hootsuite trust our solutions as we ensure fast and smooth integrations for accelerated product development and time-to-market. You will work with tech-savvy, creative, and open-minded peers who enjoy building great products that empower developers. We value transparency and over-communication – that is how we keep pushing forward as an international team of over 50 people. We’re committed to continually improving, being open to failure, and allowing ourselves to tinker with new ideas.

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