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C++ Software Engineer at Zivid in Norway

published at 13.07.2022 16:20

Location: Oslo, Norway

Company: Zivid

Relocation Level: International


Zivid is one of Norway's most ambitious new technology companies, serving the global robotics market with our 3D computer vision solutions. Our 3D cameras serve as the eyes of the robots and are deployed in manufacturing and logistics worldwide. We have 80+ employees, offices in five countries, and a global customer base. 

Visit our Careers page to learn more about working at Zivid!

We are looking for a skilled and versatile Software Engineer to join our SDK team. 


As a Software Engineer in the SDK team, you will work on extending and improving the Software Development Kit for our Zivid 3D cameras. 

Your tasks will be varied, including adding new functionality to the SDK, improving algorithms and performance, adding support for future camera models, improving our code base architecture, extending our GUIs and CLI tools, fixing issues and bugs, adding automated tests, developing and maintain our API wrappers (such as Python and .NET), improve our internal tooling and CI scripts, and so on.

Our toolchain includes cross-platform C++17, Python 3.9, OpenCL, Halide, Qt/QML, clang-tidy, clang-format, git, Github Actions, CMake, C++/CLI, C#, .NET, Catch2, boost, asio, Docker, Vagrant, KVM, Azure, and Sphinx. You will be working with Linux and Windows, x64, and ARM.

As a Software Engineer in Zivid, you will be exposed to all aspects of Software Engineering: Programming, API design, debugging, problem-solving, testing, scripting, reviewing code, and design and architecture discussions. You will collaborate closely with the rest of the SDK team, as well as our other teams like Vision, Test/Infrastructure, Firmware/FPGA, Hardware, Production Test/Calibration, Customer Success, Product Management, and Sales. 



Deadline: We encourage you to apply as soon as possible, but no later than August 9th. 

Location: Nydalen, Oslo, Norway.  

Start date: As soon as possible (upon agreement)   

Qualified applicants from all over the world are encouraged to apply. We will help with the Visa process if needed. 

The official language of the company is English.  

If you have specific questions about the position, they will be answered by Lead Software Engineer, Stian Pedersen; 


Zivid has developed the world's most accurate real-time color 3D camera for robotics and industrial applications. The camera provides robots and machines with 3D vision to make them smarter, more flexible, and more intelligent. Among many applications, the Zivid product can be used to recognize randomly distributed parts for pick-and-place or do in-line quality control of 3D components in a production line.  

 We have high ambitions and continue to develop the best products and solutions for the machine vision industry. At Zivid, you will join a dedicated and cross-functional team with a firm belief in teamwork and growing together. We have a lot of fun while challenging ourselves every day to develop products that define the future of machine vision and robotics. 

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