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C++ Software Engineer at Flow Traders

published at 20.10.2022 16:59

Location: Amsterdam

Company: Flow Traders

Relocation Level: International

At Flow Traders you will work on developing low-latency systems that are used to trade different asset classes (including equities, derivatives, cryptocurrencies) at many venues around the world. We are looking for motivated software engineers that can take ownership of the full software development life cycle. You will work closely with product owners and traders to gather, discuss and clarify requirements; collaborate with quality assurance engineers to define acceptance criteria and take responsibility for testing and ensuring quality of your implementations; and deploy production and work together with operations engineers and traders to perform post-deployment support and validation.

Main Technical Activities

Exchange Connectivity: Your primarily responsibility will be writing software that communicates with exchanges through their APIs, receiving market data and sending orders over the network in different protocols, such as TCP, UDP, Websocket. The quality of software is ensured thanks to a set of testing suites, which you are expected to use, maintain and extend.

Trading Strategies: Your main responsibility will be to implement trading algorithms based on requirements provided by traders. You will acquire and develop the necessary trading knowledge to successfully translate the requirements into actual software implementation.

Platform and Libraries: Your will work mainly on developing core frameworks and libraries that are used by other teams. You are expected to write fast, reliable and extensible software. You will be also responsible for maintenance and extension of our testing frameworks.

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