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C++, APIs and Pipeline Software Engineer

published at 12.05.2022 11:38

Location: Manchester/ London/ Remote-UK

Company: Foundry

Relocation Level: none

Remote support for this position: partial

This is the open source project the research team is currently working on:


The Cloud team is working to redefine how DCC tools interact with the asset management and data transfer systems found in modern production pipelines. Through the development of new, open industry standards, our mission is to unlock the potential for horizontal scalability using distributed resources.

The multi-disciplinary team works within the Research department at Foundry. We support our product and engineering teams in the design and delivery of asset-centric workflows and cloud aware functionality in our products. We design and maintain pipeline integration technologies, along with the stewardship of open API standards. We work closely with customers, third party vendors, and cloud providers to ensure our work is relevant to current industry requirements.



We are looking for a Senior Software Engineer with an active interest in the cloud and modern computing approaches to join the team. Ideally, we're looking for a C++/Python application developer with an experience of software development in the VFX industry or pipeline who is looking to broaden their domain into modern cloud infrastructure.

Reporting to the Project Lead Engineer, your daily work will involve the design, implementation, documentation and testing of application and library code for both internal and public projects. These range from internal prototypes to high-standard public frameworks. You will be required to liaise with other engineers both in and out of the team, and the lead as necessary to ensure that the code meets the requirements of the internal and external customers, and is delivered in a timely fashion. Your role will also be to support and mentor more junior members of the team as required.

The role will require you to learn and work in new and varied software languages and tech stacks as required by the specifics of any particular project in a self-motivated manner.

It will be amongst your responsibilities to understand the business and wider industry. You will be encouraged to play an active role in communicating with project stakeholders and understanding and sharing requirements and proposed solutions.

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