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published at 27.06.2023 21:13 by Jens Weller
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Thats right, today 11 years ago was the announcement for Meeting C++ 2012.

Backed by my own C++ User Group for NRW/Düsseldorf the very first Meeting C++ conference was announced. The idea had taken shape during C++now in May, and after busy 4 weeks I was able to go forward with the plan to host the very first conference. It had a name, a domain, a place and a date. Some folks had ensured their support, and others rallied to the call.

In regards of early support, I'd like to say thanks to my C++ User Group in Düsseldorf, a few of the original Staff from 2012 has come a long for the wild ride and meets every year in Berlin now. Also special thanks to Joel Falcou and Rainer Grimm, who have been one of the earliest supporters from outside my own C++ community bubble. They've contributed talks and gave general guidance in lots of stuff I just had started thinking about back then. Intel was the first gold sponsor, I've had been working with Intel in supporting MeeGo events locally earlier back then.

I've written last year about the 10 year anniversary and also that IMHO we're about to kick off a new C++ cycle. So the stuff from 11 years ago is history. Meeting C++ got followed by Italian C++Con [thanks Marco!], C++Russia [thanks Sergey!], CppCon [thanks Jon & Herb + many others!] and many other regional C++ conferences.

For C++ itself, the new cycle has taken its shape in the form of C++23 finalizing what C++20 started. With this years compiler versions even C++20 is usable in a wide array of features. Modules are starting to become a practical feature, talks about the new features are shifting from theory to practice. While the first features get drafted for C++26 and beyond.

In these years Meeting C++ has started to have its own, yearly cycle. Annoucement of the conference in April with call for talks and ticket sales opening. One of the latest editions to this cycle is the speaking about C++ event, an effort to give new and established speakers a hand in preparing and submitting their technical talks. Currently the cycle is at the point where all talks are submitted and the speakers can make the final touches to their submissions before we go into the voting session which contributes to the final shape of the program. One current challenge with this years edition of Meeting C++ is to write the code to import the attendees from EventBrite into my program. Together with the order data, but that is a different story. The voting should be in July, followed by the talks and schedule in August/September. And then we'll meet to feast on C++ for 3 days in Berlin in November.

For this years conference I'm looking forward to the keynotes from Kevlin Henney, Lydia Pintscher and Ivan Čukić.

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