Looking at the third year of running the Meeting C++ online job fair

published at 08.02.2024 15:24 by Jens Weller
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Last year featured 4 job fairs, one in each quarter. Lets look at the data about candidates and compare to the community survey of Meeting C++.

But first, the next job fair is planned for March 12th & 13th, tell your employer to sign up if you have open positions!

In total 225 candidates have submitted their CVS to companies listed in the CV/resume sharing form. This is 26 less than 2022. The biggest reason behind this is that with more folks being set free the market for hiring has become easier for companies, while the recession also limits the ways companies are willing to advertise their hiring, if they still do. Some important features could be implemented in 2023, like that the CV/resume sharing form now allows candidates to also make their CVs available for a listing visible to all employers that will be joining in the next half year. For employers this also means, that you not only get the CVs for the next 6 months from the CV sharing form, but also can take a look at the candidates of the last 6 months.

For this year the plan is to host job fairs in March, April and September/October and maybe November. This depends a bit on the interest of employers.

A look at the canidate data from 2023

Overall there are no big changes if one compares to 2022.

C++ skills


Its the nature of the resume sharing form that more popular and more common skills are of course more often chosen. Thats why Linux,C++11, C++14, C++17 and OOP form the 5 leading skills here. But also one sees candidates chosing fewer while others chose more skill sets, e.g. minimizing or maxising this field. Both is a valid stragety. After all they do share their CV with all information too.

Fields of work


Experience with Desktop seems quite common, embedded has now established it self as the second lead. Followed by fields that employ many of us.



India has been the leading country at all events with many candidates being interested to work for C++ employers, while Germany and the United States are now sharing the second and third place. Followed by a mix of european, asian and countries in the Americas. For 2024 I hope to attract more employers to offer a better fit for more candidates.

Years of experience


This pretty much has now settled in to a pattern of roughly 1/3 folks with a lot of experience, and a distribution of the other folks towards juniors.

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