Job related results from the Meeting C++ community survey

published at 11.03.2021 16:11 by Jens Weller
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I started a blog series about the results for 2020 of the Meeting C++ Community survey. As next week is the second online C++ Job fair, I thought I take a look at the job related questions.

This time all graphs show the result of 2020 on the left and the current result for 2021 on the left. So you can compare and see a few first changes to 2020. Mostly the results are similar though, most questions have so far around ~200 answeres in 2021. If this trend continues, 2021 is going to collect again around 1-1.5k answers per Question it seems.

Lets start with what is your job title today?


And wouldn't it be interesting to know that kind of code folks write at their job?


The survey also asks for how many years you've worked with C++ and in which age group you are in.



Also it asks for the number of C++ related employers


And while we're at numbers, with how many C++ devs do you interact in your job?


One thing that I always wondered about is, are C++ developers happy at their job, would they recommend their workplace to others? And how many of us are currently unemployed or employed but looking?



Seems a bit more devs are looking for a new position in 2021.

And since last year, working remote has become much more important and possible. So I added a question to the survey if developers are allowed to work from home, and if that is because of covid or not:


And thats it for this time.


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