grpc C++ ... a way to go generic


Audience level: [ Beginner ]

As code bases grow, and more and more feature requests come in, the need for componetization and decoupling is more like the only way to go.
So we are now leaving monolithic architectures (or more like we've been leaving monolithic arhictectures for quite some time now) and we're switching to service oriented designs.
Many of us are now using grpc (google's RPC framework) for interconnectivity and it all works great, when we'll building from scratch.
But what if we would like to modernize our old code bases or connect our old monolithic apps? How can we effectively do that?
How can we advance from the usage of such a modern RPC tool, without even knowing about it?
This talk will be about providing a solution to use grpc C++ in a more generic way, abstracting the details, decoupling service implementation from its definition and eliminating dependencies.