C++ Horizons

Speaker: Bryce Adelstein Lelbach

Audience level: [ Intermediate | Advanced ]

In the next decade, three major new C++ features will reshape how we write C++ code - reflection/injection, pattern matching, and senders:

  • Reflection/injection - facilities for extracting information from the program, performing compile-time computations based on that information, and injecting new program entities based on those computations.
  • Pattern matching - a new expressive selection mechanism that matches values against patterns and binds variables when matches are successful.
    Senders - a framework for asynchronous programming that enables us to write generic code that can run on any type of execution resource, from a single thread to a cluster of GPUs.
  • Come to this talk to find out what's on the horizon for C++, how it will change how you code, and why you should be excited about it.