AI Assistants for C++ Develolpers

Speaker: Michael Price

Audience level: [ Beginner | Intermediate | Advanced ]

The rapid emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) assistants has been powered by advancements in large language models (LLMs). They have shocked many with their uncanny ability to “act human.” These tools are no longer sci-fi plot devices only found in books, television, movies, and video games. They are here, now, in the products you are likely to be using, both in your personal life and in your role as a software developer.

So, what are these things really? Are LLMs and the assistants built on them good or bad for our profession and society at large? How can you progress from “toying around” to “getting more done” with the assistants available to you today? How can you use these tools responsibly?

This session will cover the basics you should know about these technologies and how you might effectively, safely, and responsibly use them as a C++ developer. Come for the background knowledge; stay for the live demonstrations on how to get started and an exploration of their effectiveness for C++.