Shivam Kunwar

Shivam is a dedicated and passionate individual with a diverse range of interests and expertise. They currently hold a position as a part-time software engineer at KDAB, where their primary focus lies in working with C++ and QT. Additionally, He is currently engaged in a prestigious role as a Google Summer of Code participant at LLVM.

With a deep-rooted interest in open source technologies, software performance, compilers, RISC-V, and modern C++, Shivam possesses a wealth of knowledge in these areas. They are driven by their insatiable curiosity about the world of astronomy, and particle physics and always eager to explore and learn more.

In the past, Shivam has also delved into the realms of blockchain and cryptography. And previously he was interned at Nethermind.

With a strong background in software engineering and an unwavering enthusiasm for technology, Shivam is constantly seeking opportunities to contribute to innovative projects and push the boundaries of their expertise. Their determination and expertise make them a valuable asset to any team or organization they are a part of.


Optimizing Multithreaded Performance: Unveiling False Sharing and Harnessing Hardware Destructive Interference