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Vittorio Romeo

Vittorio Romeo (B.Sc. Computer Science, 6+ YoE at Bloomberg) works on mission-critical C++ infrastructure and provides Modern C++ training to hundreds of fellow employees.

He began programming around the age of 8 and became a C++ enthusiast shortly after discovering the language. Vittorio created several open-source C++ libraries and games, published many video courses and tutorials, actively participates in the ISO C++ standardization process, and maintains the popular SFML library.

He co-authored the acclaimed "Embracing Modern C++ Safely" book (published in January 2022) with J. Lakos, R. Khlebnikov, and A. Meredith.

Vittorio is an active member of the C++ community with an ardent desire to share his knowledge and learn from others: he presented and offered workshops over 20 times at international C++ conferences (including CppCon, C++Now, ++it, ACCU, C++ On Sea, C++ Russia, and Meeting C++), covering topics of various nature.

He also maintains a website with advanced C++ articles and a YouTube channel featuring well-received modern C++11/14 tutorials. Lastly, he's active on StackOverflow, taking great care in answering interesting C++ question (90k reputation).

When he's not writing code, Vittorio enjoys weightlifting, playing volleyball, scuba diving, canyoning, gaming, and enjoying sci-fi content.


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