Things I learned from the static code analyzer

Speaker: Bart Verhagen

Audience level: Beginner

Simple, yet very effective coding habits can make significant differences in productivity and quality during development. Since static code analyzers are becoming increasingly clever, they are particularly well placed to point out certain classes - think performance, maintainability, bug-prevention and features supported by a certain standard - of such habits (e.g. move semantics). Their remarks, often considered to be "low-hanging fruit", are often broadly applicable, supported by the community and often not considered to be premature optimizations, making them perfect to be stored in muscle-memory.

This talk concerns the coding habits I learned from using them, by proposing simple habits and good practices that any developer, even those who do not use a static code analyzer, can apply in order to improve his/her coding skills. Rather than discussing the benefits of using a static analyzer on the current code base, this talk aims for improving software development in the future.