Bringing the power of C++ to the web

Speaker: Krzysztof Paprocki

Audience level: Beginner | Intermediate | Advanced

There are already plenty of programming languages compiled to and executed on virtual machines. C++ is a systems programming language, focused on control, speed and efficiency. Therefore compiling C++ to the bytecode and executing it on virtual machine seems to be counter intuitive. However, in the context of web technologies, this is a very powerful concept and opens new opportunities for the language.

The talk will explain why C++ programmer should bother with WebAssembly, as well as it will discuss a number of practical challenges when getting C++ code executed in the WebAssembly virtual machine. We will explore the use cases for C++ in web environment, especially in the context of highly efficient distributed and decentralized systems.

We will also check if WebAssembly’s promise of working at near-native speed is fulfilled.