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Bart Verhagen

Bart Verhagen is an active C++ enthousiast for over 10 years. Apart from C++, he also has experience in a multitude of other programming languages, including both higher level languages, e.g. Java and Python, and lower level languages like MIPS and x86 assembler. His main focus is on creating well-designed, robust systems based on the best suited technology.
In his professional life, he has over 8 years of experience in quality-focused industrial environments, mostly in the bio-medical, embedded and telecommunications industry. As a computer vision engineer he currently develops custom solutions for various vision applications. In addition, he is a founding member of the 'Industrial Vision and Robotics' expert group of ie-net, a Belgian engineering community.
In his spare time, he contributes to open source projects mainly focused on optimization (software and workflow), computer vision and testing, where he tries to maximize his contributions by investing heavily in automated tests and continuous integration and deployment. He also maintains some C++-centered Arch Linux AUR packages (rapidcheck, exec-helper and Catch2 before it was adopted to the community repositories).
Bart Verhagen has an IEEE publication on computer vision and spoke recently at the Nalys 'Embedded experts talk' on 'C++ in embedded applications'. He is also the author of courses on subjects like git, (unit-)testing and continuous integration.


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