Continuable - asynchronous programming with allocation aware futures

Speaker: Denis Blank

Audience level: Intermediate | Advanced


Today asynchronous programming is in great demand,
especially after it has become a huge success in the Node.js ecosystem.

The standards class in C++ for asynchronous results std::future,
provides a basic, but non zero cost, abstraction which also misses useful features.

In this talk, I will present my continuable library which implements
futures in a different, but more allocation friendly and improved way.

Together we will go through the features of the continuable library,
and how you could make use of it, to improve your codebase today.
This includes chaining continuations through `then`,
asynchronous exception handling and making use of the coroutines TS.

Further my goal is to also show you the tricks and interesting meta-programming techniques
used in the implementation of the library, which makes it possible to
stay allocation aware while being feature rich.