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Denis Blank

Currently Denis Blank is a student in M.Sc. Informatics at the Technical University of Munich,
after receiving his degree in B.Sc. Informatics: Games Engineering in April 2018.

He started programming C++ and Java in his early years back in school,
mainly focusing on online game servers and compiler engineering until today.

Denis is an active collaborator on GitHub (https://github.com/Naios) where he mainly
focuses on publishing his C++ libraries which cover type erasure and asynchronous programming. Additionally, Denis made some notable open-source contributions to the TrinityCore MMO Framework covering C++ code hotswapping and self database updating.

After working one year in the web development industry as a working student,
Denis participated in Google Summer of Code 2017 at the STEllAR-GROUP/hpx project.


Continuable - asynchronous programming with allocation aware futures