Stringviews, stringviews everywhere

Speaker: Marc Mutz

Audience level: Beginner | Intermediate | Advanced


The upcoming C++17 release will see the biggest revolution in string handling since std::string: std::string_view. Likewise, Qt 5.10 will feature QStringView, the biggest revolution in string handling since Qt 2 added support for Unicode strings.

Deceptively simple, string views are a powerful abstraction of
string data from the owning container. String views will permeate all of the APIs you work with within the next few releases of C++ and Qt, and release the developer from the requirement to create owning strings just to hand string data to APIs.

This talk will introduce you to the new idioms forming around
string views, enabling you to take full advantage of the string APIs in C++17, Qt 5.10 and beyond. We will also explore patterns useful for evolving your own APIs to embrace string views.

The talk assumes some knowledge of the current string APIs, but should be accessible to anyone who ever worked with string classes in object-oriented languages.