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Wouter van Ooijen

Wouter van Ooijen is a software engineer by profession and a hardware tinkerer by passion. He got his degree in Informatics from the Delft University of Technology, the most practical-oriented of the Dutch universities, sometimes frowned upon by the more theoretical ones.

He has worked on embedded systems for industry, space and military applications. His main interest has always been the hardware-software boundary.

Currently he teaches at the Technical Informatics section of the Hogeschool Utrecht, Netherlands. In 2003 he took over the one (small) C++ course in the curriculum. In 2017 C++ is the main language of the curriculum, with 7 times the original attention, spread over numerous courses.

Among his remaining crusades are convincing the embedded world that C++ is *the* language, and convincing the C++ world that embedded is significant (or at least exists). Neither seem to make much progress, so world domination has to wait.


Closing Keynote - What can C++ offer embedded, what can embedded offer C++