How to Visualize Daily C++ Dev Executions (and Why You Can't Afford Not To)

Speaker: Dori Exterman

Audience level: Beginner | Intermediate | Advanced


Vital build\test information is hidden inside textual output, and C++ developers can’t fully understand it try hard as they may. What can’t be seen can’t be optimized.

A visualization tool for compilations, tests or other delivery tasks is the only way to get that info. Failures, build gaps, dependencies, usage and under-utilized resources are only a fraction of what visualization can reveal to the user.

There are several tools/techniques which provide the perfect opportunity for developers to visualize data in a convenient intuitive way leading to better optimization.

Furthermore, in a DevOps world where IT and developers need to constantly interact, a common visualization representation can act as the much-needed bridge \ communication infrastructure.

In this presentation, Dori Exterman will discuss why C++ developers can’t afford to miss visualization insights, show audience members the various ways to visualize executions and explain how to use these insights to optimize dev execution performance.