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Stephan Roth

Stephan Roth

Stephan is a coach, consultant, and trainer for systems and software engineering with German consultancy company oose Innovative Informatik eG located in Hamburg. Before he joined oose, he worked for many years as a software developer, software architect, and systems engineer in the field of radio reconnaissance and communication intelligence systems. He has developed sophisticated applications, especially in a high-performance system environment, and graphical user interfaces using C++ and other programming languages. Stephan is an active supporter of the Software Craftsmanship movement and is concerned with principles and practices of Clean Code Development (CCD). In addition, Stephan also has very deep knowledge in the discipline of Model-Based Systems Engineering and is well versed in modeling languages like UML and SysML.

Books by Stephan Roth

Clean C++20 – Sustainable Software Development Patterns and Best Practices

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