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Meeting C++ 2023 - Cool stuff about GDB you didn't know.

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Greg Law

Track B on-site

If you write C++ on Linux then chances are that you use GDB at least sometimes.

Many don't realize how much GDB can do for them. It's a lot more than just break, step, and print. This talk is packed with short and simple examples demonstrating the more advanced features of GDB, including its powerful Python scripting, different user interfaces, dynamic printf, multi-process debugging, advanced types of breakpoints and watchpoints, even time-travel debugging!

Developers spend relatively little time typing in the code and much more getting it to work - you can't be a great programmer without being great at debugging. And you can't be great at debugging if you're not able to get the most out of the tools available.

Few slides, lots of demos, lots of things covered - you will leave the talk able to debug difficult problems much more quickly than you could do before.

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