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Meeting C++ 2023 - Contemporary C++ in Action

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Daniela Engert

Track A on site & live streamed to online

This talk is different from most of the typical conference presentations. Instead of focussing on one particular topic I want to do some live coding where I put various pieces from the C++ landscape together into action and show how they fit together. My goal is to debunk the myth that the committee is looking too much to experts and library developers instead of making life of the many developers in the trenches easier.

On that journey I will be visiting modules (using a modularized popular library), do some network programming with coroutines (based on ASIO executors, as there are no C++ standard executors yet), slip in one or two of the flagship C++23 features like `deducing this` or some of the new library stuff, and refine the stew with items from recent C++ standards. Nothing big, but a tiny application using techniques that hopefully an average programmer in the embedded or industrial world (like me) might find useful. The code shown is composed from condensed or simplified sources in active development taken from our in-house codebase.

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