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Meeting C++ 2024 - Enough TMP to write a variant (proper) with C++20

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Denis Yaroshevskiy

On Day 3 at 14:15 in Track B (Opal Room)

Writing a variant is one of the more popular exercises in Tempate Meta Programming (TMP). We are going to have a look at problems that are commonly ommitted by the explanations: a.i. harder parts of visit (multiple-dispatch, return type deduction, sfinae, noexcept) and constexpr support. The talk aims at people who do not have prior TMP expirience: one should be able to get the gist and have some key takeaways regardless of the prior expirience. More expirienced people might be interested in seeing how almost clean the modern implementation is compared to the nightmare of 11 (never mind 03).

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