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Meeting C++ 2024 - C++ - The hidden pearls

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Books by Rainer Grimm

Concurrency with Modern C++

Rainer Grimm

On Day 3 at 11:00 in Track A (Saphir Room)

Moved to Thursday, 11:00 AM CET

C++20 has way more to offer than the big four concepts, ranges, modules, and coroutines.

Here are a few of the shining pearls.

The spaceship operation automatically creates the six comparison operators. Thanks to consteval, constinit, and improved templates, programming at compile time becomes more powerful. std::span supports safe access to contiguous memory blocks. An enhanced time library and a new type date. Comfortable formatting of data thanks to std::format. Easily synchronize or coordinate threats with semaphores or latches and barriers. An improved thread that maintains itself and supports interruption. Thanks to the synchronized output streams, write operations in the concurrent environment do not end in a mess.

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