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Meeting C++ 2022 - speaker view

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Fabian Renn-Giles

Reflection without Reflection (TS)

Fabian Renn-Giles (PhD) is a freelance C++ programmer, entrepreneur and consultant in the audio software industry. Up until recently he was staff engineer at ROLI Ltd. and the lead maintainer/developer of the JUCE C++ framework ( - an audio framework used by thousands of commercial audio software companies. Before joining ROLI, he completed his PhD at Imperial College London, developing a numerical quantum optics solver with modern digital signal processing techniques and C++/MPI/OpenCL. During his academic career, Fabian regularly taught C++ to post- and undergraduate students in tutor groups. In 2005, Fabian co-founded the audio plug-in start-up Fielding DSP which specialises in real-time audio plug-ins for audio mastering. Fabian now regularly consults on various audio related software projects. Additionally, he is a regular speaker and/or workshop leader at the C++ audio developer conference ADC. He also hosts the monthly audio developer meetup in London.

Past presentations:

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