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Meeting C++ online - An Introduction to C++20’s Concepts

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Hendrik Niemeyer

Scheduled for 21:30

One of the biggest new features of C++20 are concepts. Concepts define requirements on template arguments which are enforced by the compiler. This leads to more readable code which clearly expresses intent. Error messages are improved since violations of the constraints defined by concepts can be detected in the early stages of the template instantiation.

This talked is aimed at people with little or no experience with concepts and will introduce generic programming with concepts (constraining templates, writing your own concepts and overloading functions which are constrained by concepts).

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Comment from Jonathan O'Connor at 2020-09-25 20:10:29

I checked my code, and of course, I knew the type of the argument I was calling to a function, so my whole new concept CallableWith1Arg could have been replaced with

std::invocable<Func, Arg>

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