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Meeting C++ online

Meeting C++ online is a series of virtual events organized for the C++ community. It is a new online community that meets face to face online by providing a set of online events.

Hubilo is used for hosting virtual events.

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Meeting C++ online is hosted under the Berlin Code of Conduct

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Coroutines with Andreas Fertig

C++20’s Coroutines for Beginners

You've heard about this new feature in C++20, coroutines, but it's the first time you have encountered this term? Then this talk is what you're looking for. We start from the beginning with just "normal" functions. Next, we introduce coroutines.

Using them, we explore the various customization points C++ offers. We look at what the new keywords co_await, co_yield, and co_return are for.

Sadly, we also have to talk about how to write a generator for a coroutine since there is no STL part for that in C++20.

Another distinction we make is between cooperative and preemptive multitasking, opening the door for another beauty of coroutines: why we don't need locks.

By the end of this talk, you've learned what coroutines are and where you can use them.

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Meeting C++ live with Rainer Grimm

Date: 26. March 2024

This time our guest for Meeting C++ live is Rainer Grimm. You'll know Rainer from his blog, talks, trainings and books. He is the author of multiple C++ books, and his weekly C++ blog is one of the most active in our community. Recently Rainer also shared with us that he has been diagnosed with ALS, adding a monthly update about his journey with this disease on his blog.

Online C++ tool & book fair

On the evening of May 16th Meeting C++ hosts an online tool fair. Come to talk and ask questions to various tool vendors or book authors, watch demos and exchange with other attendees from the C++ community.

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